Letter To Dom Kennedy!

(Photo via Jordan Perez @creativexperez)

Dear Dom

I can’t even fathom what I’m typing at the moment, but YOU’RE NOT DOPE ANYMORE! There, I said it. Let me give some insight on why this hurts my soul. Dom Kennedy has been in my life since 2008, he came in the form of a gift via Pac Div as a feature on “Everybody Knows Us!” Dom had the opening verse, which captivated my ears and prompt me to find more of his music at the time. Leading me to his debut mixtape “25th Hour,” where songs like “Notorious DOM, Watermelon Sundae, Tennis Shoes and Still Lookin” remained on repeat during my sophomore year of college. From then its been up, up and away to the point where Dom became a standout artist on my Itunes, as well as someone I championed and promoted to others.

At one point Dom Kennedy could do no wrong, which led me to question if he was in need of space jam water after hearing his recent work. When I say recent work, I mean everything from 2015 to this current day! Seeing him become a star in rap has been a great testament to the voyage he’s been on! From rapping over industry beats, to earning the respect of his peers to then creating projects such as “From The West With Love Vol .1 & The Original Dom Kennedy.” Dom was a pillar of what the west coast embodied and needed in the midst of an identity crisis. I know, I know TDE, Nipsey, The Game, Odd Future, YG and Problem were a few of the “who’s who” working on establishing themselves if they weren’t already! None of these artists vividly took me to Leimert Park on a random Tuesday with a pair of vans on, sporting khaki shorts, peeping the ladies as they walk by. Maybe The Game, but I’m talking circa 2010, 2011, not 2005 when my vision of the west side was merely bloods, crips and shoot outs!

Of course I have to discuss “From The West Side With Love II & The Yellow Album!” If these albums were NBA awards, “From The West Side With Love II,” would have earned Dom the most improved player award for the 2011 season! While “The Yellow Album” would’ve made him an MVP candidate for the 2012 season, it’s his best work to date hands down! What happened after this time frame concerns me! I remember physically walking into Best Buy to purchase “Get Home Safely,” which in my opinion is Dom’s last good project. The album contained songs such as “Lets Be Friends, After School, Black Bentley’s, A Intermission For Watts and Pleeze.” These are a few of the last songs to make my daily music rotation. Now, I’m not sure if within those two years, Kennedy went through anything personal or life-altering, but from 2015 on his music just hasn’t felt the same. To me it seems as if he’s lacked inspiration or just isn’t motivated. Maybe he’s focused on OPM the label, getting his artist off the ground or/and him being a family man! Which are all positives at the end of the day!


Let’s fast forward to “By Dom Kennedy,” which should be called BYE DOM KENNEDY! Honestly two songs, two songs out of eleven were playable. “What I Tell Kids” and “Thank You Biggie,” I couldn’t believe it! I recall sitting with this project for multiple weeks trying to find more gems to no avail! Followed by “Best After Bobby 2,” which was a good effort to create an actual mixtape similar to the first installment “Best After Bobby 1,” but to me the execution just wasn’t up to par! In terms of bars, I feel like Dom didn’t focus heavily on that aspect. I know first hand he’s not a lyrical miracle rapper, if anything he stays true to his LA roots with his vibe and delivery. Unfortunately this project just wasn’t it! Once the Half-Milli projects dropped that was it for me. Another two maybe three songs that’ll get lost in the shuffle, with little to no replay value!

SB: I can’t begin talk about Hit-Boy and how I thought he was the second coming of Kanye, BOY WAS I WRONG!

There’s always the WHAT IF FACTOR! In 2012 it was rumored Rick Ross was going to sign Dom and Nipsey Hussle, creating MMG West! Now if this did happen who knows how it would’ve played out! Nipsey probably would have received his flowers prior to his passing and Dom more than likely would have been still relevant instead of tucked below the underground currently! Thanks to Rozay we got Maybach O out of this situation by the way, I how you peeped the sarcasms!

I wholeheartedly began to think I was the only one on the planet who felt this way! I kept it to myself until one day my twitter fingers brought me to google. I discovered a few remarks on a blog forum via boxdex.com, which I listed below!

“Honestly don’t know what’s up with Dom, dude got lazy after Get Home Safely” those were words from Kick N da Door.

Then perfection followed up with “Exactly this dude said f*** it after that and just started relying on his name to push tapes/shows etc. Cause he damn sure ain’t putting effort in them mediocre ass bars. Cold part is when Dom on, his s*** is lit!”

Last but not least “he might have fell out of love with rap” words by SunsetnVine!

To sum it up, I’ll always support Dominic Ross Hunn regardless at least in spirit. I’ve never been one of those people to feed into hype, but with this situation what else can I do? If anyone refers me to check out some new Dom with a plethora of reasons why, then okay I’ll give it a spin. Otherwise “pleeze” in the words of Dom, don’t tell me or ask me about Mr. Kennedy! Sincerely a loving fan concerned about your well being with hopes you’ll one day return to making classics again. Lastly I have listened to OPM presents Young Nation, Vol 2! The verdict still stands!



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